Well printable polyethylene (PE) label films made of 100% recycled material – that has been a contradiction in terms for a long time. Today it is the sustainable answer to modern PE film labels by POLIFILM EXTRUSION. In close cooperation with customers, the specialist for PE film solutions has developed a multi-layer, well printable PE film consisting entirely of post consumer recyclate (PCR) and post industrial recyclate (PIR).

While the use of recyclate in film labels has so far led to the extreme formation of spots, resulting in poor print image quality, the new POLIFILM solution offers a convincing print result in all common processes tested to date. 

The special recipe and applied process engineering realize this. While the PCR, obtained from plastic waste from end consumers and private households, is carried into the middle layer, the outer layers consist of qualitative PIR. This is obtained in POLIFILMs internal recycling department, which is characterized by the processing of film waste into high-quality recyclate. Thanks to the special film design, the company from Weißandt-Gölzau makes it possible to produce a label film that meets the requirements of its users from all over the world: A good print image on a sustainable material.

In particular, product managers of goods with "green" attributes have a decisive advantage with label films made of recycled material. For customers at the POS, controlled spotting is a clear indicator of the actual use of recyclate. In this way, the visual appearance supports product communication and can underline the sustainability motive of the brands - and that in convincing print quality.