Achieving Success with Transparency

The business magazine "Initiativbanking", published by the DZ Bank of Frankfurt am Main, is issued once per quarter. In addition to other items, the magazine presents companies which have a relatively low profile at first glance but are actually the market leaders in their segment. One of these "hidden champions" was interviewed for the Q1/2017 edition: POLIFILM, the holding of which is based in Cologne.

Since it was established in 1972 POLIFILM has grown very rapidly, and now operates as global player. To this day, POLIFILM has also proven to have the resilience of a family-owned, medium-sized company.

With turnover of over 550 million Euros in 2016 (share accounted foreign business approx. 60%), the POLIFILM Group remains on a growth trajectory after 40 years. The increasing demand for film products and the rapid increase in applications in which extrusion or protection films find use are some of the reasons for its strong growth.

"Our aspiration is think global, act local. We want to be present in all the markets in which our customers operate," explains Bastian Runkel, Managing Director POLIFILM. The high demand for film products has brought strong competition to the market. For some time, POLIFILM has positioned itself so that it is "away from the product and towards the process" - an area in which the cheaper operators do not usually have the requisite know-how. With more than 80 specialist machines at the Weißandt-Gölzau location for example, the maximum reliability of supply is offered.

High volume manufacturers are also responsible for protecting the environment. For many years, POLIFILM has recycled all of the plastic waste that results from its own manufacturing, and more than 30,000 tonnes of recycling materials are bought in and processed each year. "A world without plastic film products is an illusion. The solution is to manufacture fewer but better quality film products and to increase the recycling quota." POLIFILM has supported "The Ocean Cleanup" environmental project since 2016, the long term goal of which is to remove plastic waste from the world's oceans.