Immediate is the new fast


Time is money and a crucial competitive advantage – especially in the packaging market. It is the starting point for the PACK READY SYSTEM from printing specialist HP and machine manufacturer Karlville, that uses POLIFILM film solutions.  

While it used to take several days to weeks to obtain a finished stand-up pouch (SUP) from a design, it takes just one day to implement it today. Printing, laminating and packaging can thus be switched directly one after another. This is realized by the immediate curing of the printed laminates.

POLIFILM printing and sealing films are suitable for many printing and sealing processes and designed for the specific packaging requirements. In close cooperation with the customer, the film specialist from Weißandt-Gölzau (Germany) creates precisely tailored solutions. Good printability for even print images as well as sealing capabilities in line with requirements are basic requirements and contribute significantly to smooth process operation and simple and interference-free processing.

In the name of sustainability - keyword: recycling economy - the combination of the PACK READY SYSTEM with POLFILM printing and sealing films enables the production of monomaterial laminates and packaging based on polyethylene. Thereby it dispenses with the use of non-recyclable adhesive systems.

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast time to market: From artwork to pouch in one day, thanks to instant curing.
  • Full colors. Less waste.: State of the art digital printing for small editions save material.
  • Highest flexibility: Serve your customers with individual samples quickly.
  • Easy operation: Modern technologies enable an easy handling.
  • The PE sealing films in the PACK READY SYSTEM can also be laminated against conventional printing carriers such as APET or BOPP.
  • PE sealing films from POLIFILM are also available on the basis of renewable raw materials.