New ultra thin and highly transparent prestretch manual film from POLIFILM

Thinner film solution for more resource efficiency 

•    5-layer cast film with protective double edge in 5 µm for manual application
•    Environmentally friendly due to lower material input - down gauging and reduction of rejects
•    Prestretch for easy handling, less power required
•    Ideal for packed goods and use in warehouse logistics 

POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH is extending its prestretch film range by the highly transparent 5 µm manual film. With this solution, the German company is offering its customers from commissioning and warehouse logistics an even more resource-efficient solution for securing loading units.

The new prestretch hand film of the PE film specialist from Weißandt-Goelzau meets the growing requirements for modern load unit security and pallet repackaging. 
The easy-to-handle film offers good holding forces for stable outer packaging results with reduced material usage. The latter arises in two respects. Besides the reduced thickness, the 5-layer cast film is equipped with a double edge. This reinforcement on the outside makes the individual rolls more resistant to damage. Accidental dropping, as is often the case in manual palletizing, does not necessarily lead to loss of an entire roll due to the added robustness. The resulting cost reduction is supplemented for the customer by the further advantage of saving time. This is because POLIFILM's new development, which is characteristic of prestretch films, is already supplied in working range. Therefore, the film is immediately ready to use, without additional effort. The slip-cling design, supplemented by the highly transparent properties for easy barcode reading, makes operation more easier. 

The simple handling and the reduced material input save the customer's resources. But the environment is also benefiting. In addition to the lower amount of raw material needed for equivalent results and the reduced scrap rate, the film consists of polyethylene, which is groundwater neutral and 100% recyclable. The new prestretch hand film thus contributes to sustainable recycling management.