The second POLIFILM EXTRUSION location is ISCC PLUS certified.

Neukirchen follows Weißandt-Goelzau. The POLIFILM Neukirchen site, previously known as SAXA Packaging, which became part of POLIFILM EXTRUSION recently, has been successfully certified according to ISCC PLUS. This means that this plant is also capable to produce PE films in the unchanged quality from biobased raw materials or chemically recycled post-consumer waste via the mass balance process and to offer customers a traceable, certified solution.


ISCC PLUS is an international certification system for all sustainable raw materials, including agricultural and forestry biomass, recycled materials and renewable energies. For example, the sustainable use of biomass and/or recycled materials from packaging waste in the chemical industry and downstream industrial sectors (e.g. packaging industry) can be certified worldwide.
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The POLIFILM ISCC PLUS certificate for Neukirchen can be found at:

Here you can find out more about the ISCC plus certification of the Weißandt-Gölzau site: POLIFILM EXTRUSION IS ISCC PLUS CERTIFIED