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Our ECO Guidelines


Our Contribution to Responsible Action

Transparent & Measurable

We – POLIFILM EXTRUSION – are aware of our social and environmental responsibility and act accordingly. Within our capabilities, we aim to actively contribute to improvements in four identified areas;

Occupational Health, Environment, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. These are the areas where we actively implement measures and set goals to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Guidelines in Detail

Occupation Health

This area focuses on occupational health and safety. It also emphasizes the goal of attracting and retaining skilled and qualified employees, providing them with opportunities for professional and personal development. You can find all the details and goals in the guidelines available to download.

Excerpt of Goals to be achieved by 2028

  • Reduction of workplace accidents
    Reduce rate to 11% | Severity rate 4.5 (LTI)
  • Skills development
    Training program for all production employees
  • Raise qualification level for colleagues with a migration background
    Production employees with a migration background have access to language training
  • Increased employee satisfaction
    Rating score of 3.8 out of 5 on the mood barometer


Our goal is to use natural resources sparingly and purposefully, reduce waste and emissions, identify energy saving potentials and consider environmental impacts in the decision making process for current and future projects. We have outlined this path in our ECO Environment Guidelines. You can find all the details and goals in the guidelines available to download.

Excerpt of Goals to be achieved by 2030

  • Renewable energy sources
    Supplying the Weißandt-Gölzau site with 30% green electricity
  • Technology for energy savings
    20% reduction in consumption through modernisation & upgrades
  • Contribution to CO2 savings
    15% reduction in Scope 1 & Scope 2
  • Certified environmental management
    Certification of all EXTRUSION locations according to ISO 14001 by 2028

Our Certifications

You can find an overview of all certifications related to environmental figures here.

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We do not tackle these issues alone because we understand the power of working together and community. Therefore, we participate both on a company and personal level with colleagues in various associations, working committees, and expert groups.

Memberships & Associations

Ethics & Sustainable Procurement

Ultimately, a company is only as good as each individual. This applies to the observance and preservation of ethical principles as well as for sustainable supplier and partner management. The POLIFILM Group has anchored its principles and the expectations of and towards its partners in its Code of Conduct and has established a reporting point for internal and external individuals to report any suspected potential violations for investigation and resolution.


We take responsibility and expect the same throughout the supply chain As an internationally operating company with decades of experience we, POLIFILM and its affiliated companies within the group, aspire to conduct our business in a socially, economically and environmentally balanced and sustainable manner. We commit to our social responsibility and open and fair global […]

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