Stretch Films

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For over 15 years, POLIFILM has been producing stretch film in Germany for practically any application - from clean dust covers to reliable load restraining. Forming load units with stretch film is currently the most effective and economical packing solution. POLIFILM stretch film has been tested for load unit safety in accordance with DIN Standard DIN EN 12195-1 and VDI 2700 (Load Safety in Road Vehicles) and provides excellent pallet security during transport thanks to its excellent retention force.

Our perpetual quality control and management are based on the latest testing standards and with the most modern testing technologies.POLIFILM leads the market and has an extensive cutting-edge plant thereby providing customers with maximum reliability of supply. POLIFILM consults with customers to find a secure, efficient, effective and sustainable packaging process based on their specific application. Customer support is also available in the form of product training in POLIFILM's own "Stretch Academy".

POLIFILM's product range comprises machine stretch film, manual stretch film, jumbo rolls for making hand rolls, pre-stretched rolls or narrow rolls. POLIFILM offers stretch film from 8 to 70 µm with maximum stretch of up to 400% guaranteed. POLIFILM stretch film can be used to pack a very wide range of products:

  • Light and dimensionally unstable packaged goods such as empty containers, packs of trays or sanitary paper
  • Dimensionally stable but heavy packaged goods such as in the building materials industry
  • Packaged goods with sharp edges or points such as in the printing or wood industries
  • Packaged goods with protrusions and hollow areas such as in the furniture industry
  • Packaged goods that could tip such as in the drinks industry
  • Packaged goods in the freezer or refrigerator section such as in the food industry or at dairies
  • Securing packaged goods packed in cardboard such as in the foodstuff and luxury food industries

In combination with sheet film, POLIFILM stretch films offer all around protection from moisture, humidity, dust, UV rays and even theft when dyed according to your specifications.