POLIFILM PROTECTION supplies films to help protect against coronavirus

Protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION help to overcome the COVID-19 crisis: demand is increasing around the world for protective equipment which is often made from acrylic sheet, whether it’s for transparent face shields or partition walls. The global film specialist from Wipperfürth, with operations around the world, offers manufacturers a wide range of film technologies to protect delicate plastic surfaces from scratches and damage until delivery.

POLIFILM PROTECTION is one of the leading international manufacturers of temporary protective films. The specialists in extrusion, co-extrusion, adhesive development and film coating produce and market film solutions for a variety of industries and applications. In the current global fight against coronavirus the company’s protective films are being used during the production of transparent protective barriers and face shields typically made from acrylic sheet (polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA). Such barrier screens are intended to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 at contact points such as service counters and medical facilities. 

Protecting essential plastics from scratches 

Protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION assure reliable adhesion to the plastic surfaces throughout the manufacturing process, protecting them from scratches and other damage, whilst still being able to be quickly removed after delivery without leaving any adhesive residue. Their transparency makes it easier for quality inspections to be carried out during processing which reduces the number of rejections whilst optimizing the use of raw materials, ensuring disruption to the supply chain is avoided which is essential in these current times. The result is that the end users, such as medical personnel, benefit from the clear and flawless field of vision that is essential for their work. 

In times of high demand - POLIFILM PROTECTION delivers

All around the world, restrictions in everyday life are being relaxed or lifted, with strict hygiene standards being introduced. The result is an increase in demand for protective equipment in sectors such as the food service industry, hairdressers, hotels, offices and educational institutions. 

POLIFILM PROTECTION is fully prepared for the increased demand, explains Paul Beaver, CEO of POLIFILM PROTECTION: “Our customers rely on the quality of our products and in these difficult times they can also depend on our undiminished ability to deliver. We have fully operational, efficient manufacturing sites in Germany, Italy, France, Israel, the USA and China, and are able to deliver worldwide from stock as soon as required. Our sales offices and distribution partners will help find the perfect solution – no matter in which country our customer is based.