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Protection for Glass

Glass is one of the most versatile materials. In public spaces, at home, and at work: it is everywhere. Float glass for example, is used in window construction, facade design, in mirrors and furniture. As flat glass, it is used for glazing buildings, interior design, automotive manufacturing, and in the production of solar panels. 

Prevent damage and breakage

Glass is as delicate as it is important for modern life: Impacts, knocks and extreme pressures lead to breakage whilst hard objects can scratch the fragile surface. This calls for special protection along the entire value chain, from production to installation and even beyond when renovation or facade work is to be carried out later.

POLIFILM PROTECTION has the solution

The POLIFILM PROTECTION range includes protective films for virtually every type of glass, for example:

  • Flat glass
  • Acid-etched glass 
  • Glass with functional coatings, such as low-emissivity glass
  • Thermally toughened safety glass (TSG) and laminated safety glass (LSG)  
  • Insulating glazing 
  • Mirrors and lacquered glass

With opaque, transparent, and tinted cast extruded films or adhesive-coated protective films, there is a perfect solution for every requirement, especially for glass production and processing for window construction or renovation and facade work.

Tailor-made Solutions

To ensure optimum protection at all times, POLIFILM PROTECTION tailors all the components of the protective film to the product. Each property of the glass is considered, as are the processing steps and required service life and weather resistance.

Lower production costs

POLIFILM PROTECTION glass protection films are available in widths of up to 3,220 mm. This saves time and costs, as standard format 3,210 mm glass sheets can be protected efficiently using a single film width:  no need to apply two overlapping rolls of films. 

POLIFILM PROTECTION glass protection films offer:

  • Tailored adhesive systems, formulations, and adhesive strengths: For optimal surface adhesion throughout the entire application life cycle as well as perfect compatibility with glass coatings.
  • A selection of film thicknesses and characteristics: For optimal mechanical strength, particularly in terms of puncture and tear strength.
  • Tailored UV and weather resistance: for optimal protection throughout the product life and problem-free removal, even many months later. 
  • High tear resistance and residue-free removal: the films can be removed quickly, ensuring a process and cost-efficient application.


Glass protective films in widths of 3220 mm.

Glass protective films in widths of 3220 mm.

Tailor-made for the wide glass sheets used in the glass industry. Unique! Glass sheets can be covered using just one width of film in a single operation. This saves time, reduces the use of materials and improves the surface protection.

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