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PMMA Cast Sheets

Protective films tailor-made for sheet protection & casting processes

Diverse requirements. Diverse solutions.

The right film for your specific needs

Cast PMMA sheets are used for a wide range of applications, for example as glazing for deep sea aquariums, for the production of light covers, baths and furniture as well as for illuminated advertising and displays. Our solutions are as diverse as the applications. POLIFILM PROTECTION protective films offer optimum properties for acrylic glass production in continuous and cell casting processes and are perfectly matched to your processing requirements and product surfaces.

Our solutions at a glance:

  • Precisely tailored to your surfaces
    Precisely matched to gloss level, structure and coatings, such as on hard coatings  for prism or light diffusers
  • Perfectly matched processing properties
    Optimum adhesion and film properties for cutting, line bending & thermoforming processes
  • Tailor-made for your production process
    Available in optimum film widths and lengths for highly efficient continuous casting processes.
  • Protection for demanding surfaces
    Optimum solutions for high-quality sanitary surfaces, sensitive LC displays and deep thermoforming

Safe protection during processing

Ideal for cutting processes – co-extruded & adhesive-coated protective film solutions

The adhesive properties and mechanical strength of the protective films are precisely designed for the stresses of sawing, drilling, milling and processing with CO2 lasers. They offer puncture, tear and abrasion resistance whilst adhering securely to the surface before, during and after processing. In addition, they offer excellent removal properties and can be removed quickly and easily without leaving any residue. Even when re-adhering, for example after a brief visual inspection of the surface, they demonstrate perfect adhesion properties and guarantee reliable protection for all further applications.

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Tailor-made for thermoforming

High temperature resistant protective films for demanding & simple thermoforming

Your processing advantage: Our co-extruded protective solutions especially developed for thermoforming are resistant to high temperatures and therefore do not need to be removed from the surface before thermoforming. They guarantee optimum protection during the moulding process and can be easily removed again without leaving any residue after cooling. We offer you the perfect protective solution for every thermoforming process, from line bending and shallow thermoforming to high-performance films for deep thermal forming.

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Optimal brilliance for flat screens

Guaranteed protection for PMMA light guide plates from dust, dirt and scratches

We have developed high-quality, co-extruded solutions for the special requirements of processing sensitive display components such as light guide plates.

  • Highest compatibility
    Compatible with prism and light-diffusing optical coatings
  • Optimum protection
    Perfect adhesion to any microstructure for reliable protection in every process step
  • Quick & easy removal
    Quick, easy and residue free removal even with the thinnest sheets
  • Produced under clean room conditions
    The films are extremely clean and free of inhomogeneities and gels.

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A perfect fit for the continuous cast process

Process-optimised, co-extruded protective film solutions

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