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Extruded PMMA – optimally protected.

Protective films tailor-made for extruded acrylic sheets

We cover the widest range of customer requirements

Comprehensive protective film solutions – adhesive-coated & co-extruded

Extruded PMMA sheets are used for a wide range of applications, from privacy glazing, kitchen backsplashes and shower partitions to advertising signs and marine windows. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers you a range of comprehensive solutions to ensure that the valuable appearance and high light transmission of your PMMA applications are optimally protected at all times. With different adhesion technologies and special formulations, we can tailor the protective film precisely to the respective application and react flexibly to customer requirements.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Broad adhesion spectrum
    Application specific formulated adhesion fromlow to high
  • Precisely matched to the surface structure
    Whether glossy, matt or textured, we have the solution
  • Customised for your production
    Available in a variety of film widths and thicknesses, as transparent or coloured film
  • Perfect solution for very sensitive applications
    Produced under clean room conditions. Extra homogeneous and clean films

Quality without compromise

Matched to your requirements

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Optimum surface protection

The right film for your specific needs

Films of the highest quality for the greatest demands

For particularly sensitive applications, we have developed specific high quality co-extruded films produced under cleanroom conditions. They are extremely clean and free of inhomogeneities and impurities and can be removed without leaving any residue. They can be used to protect, for example, critical components in flat screens or high-quality products in the sanitary ware sector.

The right solution for thermoforming

Our high temperature resistant, co-extruded protective films guarantee you optimum protection at all times during thermoforming, whilst at the same time being residue free and easy to remove. Our range includes tailor-made  protection solutions for line bending and light thermal forming as well as special high performance protection for heavy thermoforming with complex and deep shapes.

For matt & textured sheets

Our portfolio for textured and matts sheets includes adhesive coated versions based on acrylate or natural rubber as well as co-extruded protective films with an integrated adhesive layer. Whatever the film type they all provide optimum protection matched to the requirements of the surface that needs to be protected. In this way, we can guarantee secure and reliable adhesion whilst at the same time allowing easy and residue free removal.

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