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Solid sheets
perfectly shaped

High-performance surface protection for
solid compact sheets made of rigid PVC

Guaranteeing the highest quality through to the finished product

Our range of protective solutions is as diverse as the range of applications they protect

Solid PVC sheets are indispensable in the chemical industry, construction sector, electrical engineering, trade fair construction, and advertising technology. Their versatility includes thermoformed parts and displays, as well as chemical-resistant wall claddings and building components. To ensure that PVC surfaces are protected from damage and dirt during manufacturing, processing, and assembly, we offer a wide range of protective film solutions perfectly tailored to the requirements of your PVC surfaces and manufacturing processes. For the highest quality guaranteed, without compromise.

Our films for compact sheets offer

  • Customized properties
    The perfect solution for every requirement
  • Excellent adhesion
    Stable and optimum adhesion during application
  • Smooth processing
    Outstanding deformation behaviour during processing
  • Residue-free removal
    Safe and quick removal without reworking
  • 100 percent recyclable
    Formula based on polyethylene

Assured adhesion and removal properties

Individual formulation: the key to effective quality assurance

We cover the entire adhesion spectrum from light to extra strong. With our uniquely developed adhesive raw materials special formulations, and additional corona treatment, we can precisely adjust the adhesion levels of our co-extruded protective films to the respective application and customer needs. This way, we deliver exactly the level of protection that your surface finish requires. Whether matte or glossy: The flawless appearance of your PVC compact sheet is always guaranteed.

Easy, residue-free removal: No reworking required, reduced effort

When the time comes to remove protective film from large surfaces or demanding moulded parts the formulation is crucial. We have developed process efficient solutions that counteract the typical increase in adhesive strength and “blocking” of the film. This guarantees optimal peeling properties for easy, tear free removal without leaving any residue.

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Guaranteed to withstand every processing step

Perfectly adapted durability

POLIFILM PROTECTION provides you with the appropriate film solution for the optimum protection of your PVC compact sheet. Our specially developed co-extruded protective film solutions withstand demanding processing methods such as sawing, drilling, milling, or bending, maintaining the quality of your products effortlessly and reliably.

Ideal processing properties

  • High tear and puncture resistance
  • Excellent flexibility and formability
  • Homogeneous film quality – low stipple level
  • High temperature resistant for thermoforming


Tear resistant, adhesive, and easy to remove learn more about our high temperature resistant special protective films for light and strong thermal deformation of plastics.

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