Climate-friendly SMEs - POLIFILM EXTRUSION joins VEA initiative

POLIFILM EXTRUSION signs the self-declaration of the Climate-Friendly SME Initiative. "As an energy-intensive company, we would like to set another signal by joining that we are consciously focusing on our resource consumption," comments Eckehard Betz, Managing Director of POLIFILM EXTRUSION, on the membership, and adds: "We have been actively and, above all, continuously managing on our energy efficiency for many years.

With this, Betz already addresses one of the two core topics of the initiative. The initiative not only wants to create awareness, but also to encourage small and medium-sized businesses in their efforts to work more energy-efficiently and to reduce greenhouse gases such as CO2. This also includes creating awareness of the hurdles and calling on the key players in society to find feasible solutions together.