More transparency in production and distribution of sustainable films

The production site of film specialist POLIFILM EXTRUSION in Weißandt-Gölzau is now able to offer its customers ISCC PLUS-certified solutions. The aim of the internationally used certification system is to ensure increased transparency and traceability of circular and bio-based plastic solutions along the entire value chain.
ISCC PLUS enables POLIFILM to process both bio-based and chemically recycled polyethylene (PE) from post-consumer waste as certified raw materials. The use of such materials follows the mass balance method.
"With this certification, we are taking another step forward in the direction of sustainable circular economy," comments Thomas Schlüter, Head of Purchasing at POLIFILM EXTRUSION, on the participation.

The POLIFILM ISCC PLUS certificate can be found at: https://certificates.iscc-system.org/cert-pdf/ISCC-PLUS-Cert-DE100-90992020.pdf


ISCC PLUS is an international certification system for all sustainable raw materials, including agricultural and forestry biomass, recycled materials and renewable energies.  For example, the sustainable use of biomass and/or recycled materials from packaging waste in the chemical industry and downstream industrial sectors (e.g. packaging industry) can be certified worldwide.

For more general information on ISCC certification, please visit: https://www.iscc-system.org/about/circular-economy/